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We digitize asset and wealth management in the finance industry

The requirements that financial service providers have to meet these days are high. The rising complexity of the global finance market and the steadily growing demands that clients have make technology-based process optimization essential.

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The niiio platform: asset and wealth management for banks and asset managers – smart, comprehensive, scalable.

More about the platform

The niiio ecosystem: Our strategy is about successful growth. Fintechs and wealthtechs welcome.

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How you benefit: one platform, one supplier, one solution. No more island solutions. That’s how you take off digitally.

More about the platform

Our Solution

Digitalized asset and wealth management in the one application.

As a trailblazer in digitalized asset and wealth management, we create software that supports bankers, investment advisers, financial advisers, and asset managers in making their day-to-day processes more efficient and giving their clients access to lucrative investment strategies. Our cloud solution offers a platform that can handle multiple clients and meet all finance needs.

Simple, fast, cost-effective: Optimize existing processes, establish new, data-based processes; and use them to create yourself a crucial advantage over competitors.

Our tailor-made software solutions are already supporting countless investment advisers, investment brokers, financial portfolio managers, and private financial institutions as well as savings banks and cooperative banks.

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How You Benefit:

Whether you choose a comprehensive software solution for your company or individual modules for specific tasks: offer your clients optimal service.

Efficient investment advice and financial planning

Sound, knowledgeable advice stands at the center of the service that asset managers, bankers, and insurance agents provide. We assist you with all documentation and quotation processes, from the self-regulated quote for the end client to fully structured investment advice discussions.

All relevant processes as well as the regulatory aspects are certified and exceed the standard requirements.

Digital, next-generation asset management

Profit from significantly shorter design and rebalancing processes and guarantee regulatory security and transparency for your clients.

Using loss threshold monitoring, clients are informed about variances in their portfolio fully automatically.
Bills for fees and client reports can be created and sent out fully automatically as well. This gives you more time to focus on acquiring and advising clients.

Easy one-stop shop

The niiio marketplace provides you with a unique and fully connected platform which links asset managers, distributors, brokers, and asset managers giving you comprehensive support for creating high-yield financial products.

Based on the munio portfolio management system, it helps to build new business relationships and networks.

Integrated solutions for managing portfolios, compliance, and orders

PATRONAS OPUS ensures a legally compliant and optimized process for investment decision making and trade within the field of asset management. This firstly enables comprehensive process and data management for you, and secondly gives you a full overview of your order flow from data entry to execution.

The FixHub function additionally offers you fast and cost-effective access to a constantly growing number of integrated brokers and trading venues using the FIX protocol – across all asset classes.

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