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niiio finance group AG: Ad-hoc reporting according to Art. 17 MAR

Update: Impairment at niiio finance group AG

Görlitz, 18.6.2024

In connection with the audit of the annual accounts of financial year 2023 and in co-operation with the Company’s auditor, the executive board of niiio finance group AG has identified an additional requirement for impairment regarding DSER GmbH in the amount of 1.12m EUR. Together with the downward adjustment published ad hoc on 21.5.2024 in the amount of 3.14m EUR, the test of balance sheet values (impairment test) leads to a downward adjustment of the carrying value of DSER GmbH in the Company’s accounts of 4.26m EUR in total, to a carrying value of ~6.3m EUR.

The additional impairment was triggered by an update of the discount rate used for the impairment test which had to be increased in deviation from prior years’ values.

The impairments published ad hoc today and on 21.5.2024 will affect the results in niiio finance group AG’s stand-alone accounts by a one-off effect of 4.26m EUR and will in parallel negatively affect the goodwill in group accounts by the same amount.


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