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Advisory and Financial Planning

Our modules for investment advice and financial planning let you efficiently create investment proposals that are personalized and compliant with regulations.
Using efficient processes, the time-consuming advice documentation needed under regulatory requirements is reduced to a minimum, letting the client be put in focus instead.

Our modules aim to significantly reduce the effort and complexity associated with a legally compliant investment recommendation. Combining high-visualization advisory processes with complete regulatory compliance relieves the burden on advisers and puts the focus on the client. It results in a premium, high-quality advisory service.

Create Investment Recommendations

You can choose between manual or algorithmic portfolio design.

These are the components:

  • Our portfolio optimization approach is based on maximum drawdown, allocation according to sample portfolios, or freely selected investment instrument allocation according to your expertise.
  • You can incorporate your client’s individual investment restrictions.

Unlike other software solutions for investment advice, the target-market comparison and appropriateness check are done and visualized directly during the creation of an investment recommendation. This direct check ensures that an adviser’s investment recommendations reach a high level of quality and are also aligned with the client profile required under securities law (e.g., WpHG).

The adviser has access to various simulations and analysis tools to promote an investment recommendation’s transparency. These analyses can be done for regulatory reasons or to help “sell” an investment. Typical examples of them include cost-benefit analyses for changes to a client’s portfolio, Monte Carlo simulations, or bond portfolio analyses.

Before-and-after comparisons at various levels (investment instrument, asset class, and industry allocation) makes it possible to communicate the value that a recommended investment adds for a client in a transparent, easy-to-understand way.

Documentation with All the Components



The suitability declaration and ex-ante cost disclosure are key components of investment advice documentation. They are created automatically and can be adjusted to the specific client if needed.

If an investor wishes to deviate from their adviser’s recommended actions, our solution offers the option of respecting this wish while acting in full compliance with regulations. The integration of legally compliant explanation texts and automated creation of suitability declarations make advising complex clients just as efficient as other clients.

A risk profile in accordance with MiFID II forms the basis of investment advice, however for many advisers it represents a challenge and is prone to errors. A core component of our software solution is the comprehensive, fail-safe process for the adviser to record the answers on questionnaires that are mandated under securities law (e.g., WpHG). It reduces potential errors to a minimum. A positive and successful client relationship requires that the client’s preferences are taken into account. That is why the software identifies them systematically for securities-related business and applies them accordingly in investment advice processes. The result is a personalized financial service that fully incorporates the client’s preferences.

Client Reporting

The client reporting module enables fully automated report compilation for financial-portfolio management. Alongside quarterly and loss threshold reports, it also produces ex-post cost reports that use individual report templates. For example, different elements can be integrated into the reports for different use cases and individual client requirements.

Ad hoc reports are naturally also available and you can use them as support for conversations with clients based on the individual situation.

Client Portal

Your clients can have an up-to-date summary of their current assets at any place, at any time. Using the client portal, your clients can track their assets with automated interfaces or by entering details in simple input windows. This can let you draw on more assets and, subsequently, see better analyses for the majority of a client’s asset structure.

It adds value for both sides: Targeted, comprehensive advice for clients on one hand and more income for you for the services that you provide on the other.
Innovative interface technology makes it possible to enter most of a client’s assets directly in the client portal without having to get the client’s files out of the cabinet. You get a full overview of your client’s assets with little effort.

It incorporates the client funds under your management as well as external assets held with other financial service providers. This gives you the opportunity to convince your clients about the great importance of comprehensive advice – advice that structures all assets based on individual investment targets and risk appetite. Become – and remain – a person that your clients trust when it comes to investing.

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