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Completion of the Pollen transaction

Goerlitz, 15th December 2023 –niiio finance group AG has received a notification today that the subscription and contribution agreement announced via ad-hoc announcement on 27th October 2023 has been executed today between the majority of the company’s shareholders and investment funds that are managed or advised by Pollen Street Capital Holdings Ltd. According to this notification and in connection to this transaction, the necessary steps for closing of the other transactions between Neptune BidCo AG and the shareholders of fundsaccess AG, FundHero S.A. and FinTecc LLC as well as the acquisition of MiFID-Recorder GmbH by fundsaccess AG have been initiated today as well. Furthermore, as also announced on 27th October 2023, Neptune BidCo AG has underwriten a capital increase of 10% of the company’s share capital, i.e. a total of 3,249,348 EUR, priced at the lowest legally permissible price of EUR 1.00 per share and under the provisions allowing for a simplified exclusion of subscription rights of the company’s shareholders.

„Today we have taken a major step towards integrating fundsaccess AG, FundHero S.A. and FinTecc LLC into our group. We are prepared to accelerate the implementation of our strategic vision together with our new partners“, states CEO Johann Horch. „I welcome Pollen Street Capital’s strategic interest in our progress and am looking forward to delivering our next growth targets“, Horch adds.

Johann Horch
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