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niiio highlights its strong positioning as a leading SaaS platform in digital asset and wealth management with operational successes in the important savings bank sector

  • Smavesto, niiio’s white-label robo-advisor for savings bank Sparkasse Bremen, exceeds EUR 100 million assets-under-management level
  • Success of multiple award-winning robo-advisor sparks broad interest among numerous institutions within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe
  • Expanded product range due to PATRONAS and FixHub acquisitions also convinces Germany’s largest district savings bank of the benefits of niiio’s SaaS platform
  • niiio’s one-stop-shop platform offers excellent growth prospects thanks to high scalability and broad up-crossing and cross-selling potential

Görlitz, 01 September 2022 | niiio Finance Group AG (ISIN: DE000A2G8332), Software-as-a-Service platform for asset and wealth management, reports on rapidly accelerating business momentum. Broad interest within the banking industry in niiio’s services as well as renowned institutional investors’ confidence in niiio’s growth opportunities underline its strong positioning as a SaaS platform in digital asset and wealth management.

For example, niiio’s strength as a one-stop-shop platform is impressively demonstrated by its very successful partnership with savings bank Sparkasse Bremen, whose robo-advisor Smavesto – which deploys niiio’s white-label solution – exceeded the EUR 100 million assets-under-management level in just 30 months. The success of Smavesto, which has already won several awards as Germany’s best robo-advisor, is also being noted by other institutions within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe, the savings bank financing group, and corresponding options are being discussed to connect further savings banks to Smavesto. The robo-advisor can be implemented at other savings banks within a very short timeframe. This very positive performance in the robo-advisory area is in line with recent acquisition success. For example, niiio acquired Kreissparkasse Köln, Germany’s largest municipal savings bank, as a new customer. A persuasive factor here was the SaaS platform, with niiio having acquired and integrated PATRONAS and FixHub as part of its roll-up strategy this year. These acquisitions have enabled niiio not only to strengthen its one-stop-shop platform but also to offer banks and savings banks a holistic ecosystem where solutions from different asset and wealth management areas are modular and easily compatible with each other.

Johann Horch, CEO of niiio Finance Group AG, comments: “The partnership with these savings banks has proved to be a complete success and offers us excellent growth opportunities thanks to high scalability as well as up-selling and cross-selling potential. We are participating directly in assets-under-management through our white-label robo-advisor. At the same time, our platform offers enormous up-selling and cross-selling potential as a one-stop-shop solution within the Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe alone, which is Europe’s largest banking group. And that’s just the beginning. We see that our platform is attracting great interest from a wide variety of banks and institutions, and the opportunities for niiio in the banking sector are correspondingly huge. We aim to take leverage this, and as a consequence we will continue to consistently implement our roll-up strategy as a consolidator of the banking software market.”

Dr. Sascha Otto, Managing Director of Smavesto, has already been successfully heading up the securities and portfolio management of Sparkasse Bremen since 2012. He, too, is enthusiastic about the partnership with niiio: “niiio’s strong understanding of the technical requirements of a competitive banking solution of tomorrow, their many years of experience, as well as their pragmatic and results-oriented way of working have convinced us all along the line. With niiio’s support, Smavesto has already won several awards as Germany’s best robo-advisor, and right from the outset has grown significantly faster than comparable competitors. We are proud of this, which naturally makes other savings banks sit up and take notice. As a consequence, niiio is the ideal partner for us, and as a one-stop shop with the SaaS platform behind it offers us numerous further connecting factors for the future.”


Banks and financial service providers are increasingly turning to cloud-based third-party software solutions due to structural change within the industry. As a one-stop-shop platform, niiio offers its customers a holistic ecosystem where all solutions are modular and easily compatible with each other. In a highly fragmented market comprising numerous small providers offering niche solutions, niiio sees itself as a consolidator of the industry in line with its roll-up strategy. Given the planned continuation of its successful roll-up strategy, niiio is continuously reviewing various financing options.

About niiio finance group AG:
niiio finance group AG (niiio) is creating a scalable pan-European WealthTech platform by bundling technological innovations in order to enable asset and wealth managers to digitalise their processes and optimally serve their clients. niiio is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) provider for asset and wealth management. As a “one-stop shop”, the company digitalises the processes of its more than 80 European customers so that they can work efficiently, flexibly and on a legally compliant basis. As an industry pioneer, niiio is also driving the consolidation of the software market and plans to replicate existing processes in a decentralised manner via distributed ledger technology (DLT) and blockchain in the medium to long term. niiio’s vision is the cost-effective digital issuance, custody, management and subsequent trading of securities based on DLT – and, as a consequence, decentralised settlement based on blockchain technology.

This release contains statements about the future development of the niiio Group. These forward-looking statements are based on the Management Board’s current expectations, assumptions and forecasts, and the information currently available to the Management Board. They have been compiled to the best of the Management Board’s knowledge. As far as such forward-looking statements are concerned, no guarantee can be given and no liability can be assumed that the future developments and results mentioned will occur as presented. Rather, future developments and results depend on various factors. They entail risks and uncertainties that lie beyond the Company’s control and are based on assumptions that may not prove to be accurate. Notwithstanding any legal requirements to revise forecasts, we do not assume any obligation to update the forward-looking statements made in this release.